About Us

Future of Forests is a team of completely dedicated people, focussed on saving our bio-diversity and eco-systems, while protecting the critical role our global forests play in achieving this goal for Our Planet!

'Making a Difference for Kids, Charities & Our Environment'

'Helping to save our biodiversity and the future of our forests'

Conserving, Caring for and Cherishing Our Planet! 

Eco Resorts

We strive to find, assess and promote eco-friendly resorts and places as a way for all of us to to showcase our most amazing natural forests, wildlife and landscapes.  


Through our eco-media projects we will deliver education and awareness that positively affects human behaviour.  We strive to motivate and ensure environmental sustainability, for anyone to get involved in and enjoy for life.

Our goal is to minimse our local and global impact by maintaining healthy eco-systems for our children, friends and family to enjoy, from all over our beautiful planet.

Eco Tourism

We like to tread gently in the wild and take only what we need for a feed when it comes to fisheries and forest land management.


Our eco-tourism and education commitment aims to engage and promote local communities, including indigenous culture and natural heritage within Australia, as the best available place to visit and learn from.

Latest Projects

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Get Involved

nd value our natural environments, forever.Register your assistance with us today and get involved with our communities, businesses and Governments to ensure we conserve, care for a

We are currently working with Government, Local Business, the Corprate Sector, Not For Profit NGO's and the Community.  Together we are delivering education, awareness, local capacity building and International development projects.

Through 4K and HDTV media projects and field work, we invite your participation and assistance.


Together we will continue to ensure the Future of Fish and the Future of Forests!

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